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Ich bin ein Berliner!!

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80s music, 90s music, animals, anoxia, as, asperger's, asperger's syndrome, asthma, autism, bargin hunting, beer, bilingual education, bilingualism, biliteracy, bisexuality, blizzard, books, brain damage, brain injuries, brain injury, casinos, cats, classic phrases, classic rock, classic tv, computers, debate religion, developmental disability, developmental psychology, disabilities, disability advocacy, disabled, drinking coffee, driving, eating, ethnic foods, finding weird things online, food, food allergies, foreign language, foreign languages, freelance work, frugalism, frugality, german, guessing jeopardy answers, health, hypoglycemia, i dream of jeannie, interpreter, interpreting, invisible disabilities, jackson 5, jesus, jesus christ, languages of the world, learning, learning disabilities, learning german, liberal christian, liberal christianity, liberal theology, linguistics, literacy, margaritas, michael jackson, mike's hard lemonade, multilingual, museums, my car, my kitty, my tattoo, nld, nonverbal learning disabilities, obsessive-compulsive, ocd, online money-earning programs, psychology, ptc programs, purple, quoting classic tv, random trivia, reading, reading instruction, religion, religion debate, rollerblading, salvador dali, save autism, saving money, sex, shopping, sleeping, slot machines, smiley face stuff, smiley faces, smirnoff, snow, snowstorms, spanish, special education, substitute teacher, substitute teaching, supernanny, surrealism, surveys, tatoos, tbi, teacher, teaching, teaching kids to read, teaching spanish, the 1990s, the 90s, thunderstorms, translate, translation, translator, travel, tutor, tutoring, vocabulary, volvo, volvos, walking, walking for exercise, watching jeopardy, world geography